- P3000 - P3001WT - 1-5/8" x 2 3/4", 12 Gage, Back-to-Back, Slotted

The WT slotted channel is sized for 5/8" threaded rod. This is great for data centers, heavy-duty supports and other applications. View product sell sheet.

Elements of Section - P3001WT
Area of
1.000 in2 (6.5 cm2)
Axis 1-1
Axis 2-2
Moment of
Inertia (I)
0.591 in4 (24.6 cm4)
0.407 in4 (16.9 cm4)
Modulus (S)
0.430 in3 (7.0 cm3)
0.501 in3 (8.2 cm3)
Radius of
Gyration (r)
0.769 in (2.0 cm )
0.638 in (1.6 cm )
Column Loading - P3001WT
Please contact factory for loading information
Beam Loading - P3001WT
85% of non pierced channel


  1. Above loads include the weight of the member.
    This weight must be deducted to arrive at the net allowable load the beam will support.

  2. Long span beams should be supported so as to prevent rotation and twist.

  3. Allowable uniformly distributed loads are listed for various simple spans, that is, a beam on two supports. If load is concentrated at the center of the span, multiply load from the table by 0.5 and corresponding deflection by 0.8.

  4. The lateral bracing factor should be multiplied by the load to determine the load retained based on the distance between lateral braces.

Bearing Load on Channel:

Max Load
5,000 Lbs
2,268 Kg
Max Load
8,000 Lbs
3,629 Kg
Max Load
3,500 Lbs
1,588 Kg