Unistrut Metal Framing - Featuring the Unique Unistrut Connection
The original strut system, Unistrut Metal Framing is the time and money saving alternative to conventional support methods. The Unistrut system eliminates welding and drilling, and is easily adjustable, demountable and reusable.
  • No Welding
  • No Drilling
  • 100% Adjustable
  • 100% Reusable


A Few Quick Steps for Installation

Step 1 - Insert the spring nut anywhere along the continuous slotted channel. Rounded nut ends permit easy insertion.

Step 2 - A 90° clockwise turn aligns the grooves in the nut with the inturned edges of the channel. Fittings can be placed anywhere along the channel opening.

Step 3 - Insert bolt through fitting and into the spring nut.

Step 4 - Additional channel sections can now be bolted to the fitting already in place by using steps 1-3.

Step 5 - Tightening with a wrench locks the serrated teeth of the nut into the inturned edges of the channel, forming a strong, vise-like connection.


The channel styles you want...


...and combinations you need.