Unistrut® Commercial Product - Value-engineered fittings for commercial projects
Unistrut® is the standard for industrial support systems. Many commercial projects do not require the extreme strength it delivers. The marketplace is demanding products designed for sleeker installations.

With that in mind, our engineers have developed Unistrut® Commercial. This expanded product offering will complement our current product line by meeting the need for fittings used in lighter support applications. The line of .197" [5mm] thick fittings for use with 3/8" nuts and bolts is ideal to carry the equipment used in smaller commercial projects.

  • Value-engineered fittings for commercial projects

  • Specifically designed for use with 3/8" nuts and bolts

  • Hole size compatible with metric products

  • Many selections available pre-assembled for easier installation (includes pre-installedbolt & channel nut)

  • Lower package quantities for smaller commercial jobs

  • Electro-galvanized coating per ASTM B663 Zinc plating

  • All products have been fully tested and value engineered by Unistrut for optimum efficiency

  • Products manufactured to Unistrut quality standards

  • Can be used with any size channel, especially suited for use with 14 gauge and 16 gauge

  • Perfect alternative to the 1/2" bolted system when industrial strength is not required

  • Eliminates the need for a flat washer with 3/8" bolts

  • Streamlined channel nut design offers maximum value

  • Value engineered for competitive pricing

  • Lighter weight, quicker installation leads to reduced labor costs

  • Lower total installed costs